European School

Welcome to the European School Library!

Library Opening Hours:

MONDAY – FRIDAY 9:00 AM 17:00 PM

Middle and High Schools Library – 6 th Floor, Building A

Middle and High Schools Library – 4 th Floor, Building B

​Primary School Library – 4 th Floor, Building A


Whether you are accessing our libraries from your home or mobile device, or if you are physically using our campus spaces, we welcome you to explore the main types of information resources and services at your fingertips. We are passionate about our commitment to the success of ES students and faculty. Students and faculty are welcome to come to the ES Library to research, study, read, and collaborate.  
Some of our most popular offerings include the electronic resources available off-campus 24/7 as well as access to other library collections.
Our Library Catalog is the tool to find items the library makes available.
Our contact page offers immediate access to library support via a special form. We will be informing you of what’s new, special events, tips on using electronic resources, as well as highlights of key services.
We look forward to meeting with you either in person or virtually and welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions.