European School

Book Club

The aim of the European School Literary Club is to raise students’ love of life-long learning, to give them the opportunity to be enthusiastic and to be fascinated by the world of literature. Club members are engaged in exciting discussions and debates on a wide range of topics and the boundless possibilities offered by a wide range of international literature as wells as text types, genres, literary elements and devices.

The love of literature is encouraged in the positive and cognitive environment of the club. In this interesting and cognitive environment, students are given the opportunity to express their own opinions. The main focus of the club is to develop students’ critical thinking and communication skills through the study, analysis, discussion, deconstruction, and construction of various texts. Students develop critical-analytical thinking skills, practice creative writing and learn how to convey meaning using written and oral communication. Students participate in multiple projects, group and pair work actively using information technology.

Literary Club allows members to get in touch and improve their English language skills, listening comprehension, reading and speaking skills.